A party for life?

No, really, while the government is looking to make it easy to murder us all, we hear this garbage from the public broadcaster. CBC:

Toronto pro-abortion censor steals mail? Here. So?

Reality check: Don’t give money to the Conservatives. They are not a party for life. Canada needs a party for life. Where, when, and how will it take shape?

See also: Broadening euthanasia in Canada In Trudeaupia, everything has a right to live except you. But at least you voted for it.

PS: Some murdered kid, it turns out, isn’t a “human being” in Canada.

Don’t people get it! Canada’s ruling class doesn’t need Canadians. They have robots, temporary foreign workers, and slave labour overseas.

It’s that simple. Grasp it and you understand both abortion and euthanasia. Any vote wasted on any key party today is wasted.

By the way: The “Conservatives” are no help at all. They are in bed with the people for whom we are “the fetus.”