Visiting Scholar at Harvard Is Antisemitic Iranian Professor Ideologically Aligned With Supreme Leader

An Iranian professor aligned with the regime in Tehran — who warned of a global “Jewish threat” — is currently employed by Harvard University as a visiting scholar, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Ali Akbar Alikhani

Ali Akbar Alikhani. What could go wrong?

According to the report, Ali Akbar Alikhani, an associate professor at the University of Tehran, is working on a project focused on “peace and peaceful coexistence in Islam” for Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES). An outspoken critic of Israel and Zionism, Alikhani is a passionate adherent to the ideological teachings of hardline Iranian leaders, such as Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

  • simus1

    A Harvard spot for an “unofficial trusted back channel (?)” seems rather grand.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    More proof that an Ivy League education is overvalued.

    • Gary

      Look at how David Miller was promoted as a Harvard MBA grad and Lawyer. Yet this white privilege blue eyed male lied to get elected by his plan with Olivia Chow that cost the taxpayers $35,000,000.00 to NOT build a $18 M Bridge to the island Airport .

      We now have the Tunnel to the Airport while Miller got his pay-off job by the GREENY’s as a Lawyer at the Firm that deals in ECO-Law and global warming.

      Dalton McGuinty boasted about going to Harvard so you better cross that University off the list for the children because they’ll drive you into about $100,000.00 in debt while being dumber than when they enrolled.

  • B__2

    Diversity [at Harvard] is Strength [for Iran].

    More evidence that the academic and administrative staff are generally Socialist and thus anti-American-Republic. They see themselves as fighting the good fight against the Republic and Capitalism, and are willing to ally themselves with any person who has similar views, believing that after the downfall of the American Republic everyone who participated will immediately become peaceful. They don’t know Islam – they don’t want to know Islam – they have already made up their mind that Western Civilization causes Islamic violence.

  • Hard Little Machine

    He’ll be Hillary’s secretary of “The Jewish Question”

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    ” … a project focused on “peace and peaceful coexistence in Islam””
    Preparing the kuffar for dhimmitude.