Show Us the Suicide Note

Raveena Aulakh’s death was a tragedy—but one we can learn from. As journalists, our duty is to the living, not the dead

Last month, Toronto Star environmental reporter Raveena Aulakh took her own life. Her suicide note has not been made public. But the early industry gossip had it that she was emotionally traumatized by the infidelities of her one-time lover, Star assistant managing editor Jon Filson. Since Aulakh’s suicide, Filson abruptly was marched out of the Star. (One assumes he was fired, but there are all manner of legal fictions surrounding such terminations.) Also gone from the Star newsroom is managing editor Jane Davenport, who was both Filson’s alleged add-on paramour and Aulakh’s boss. It also was suggested, on at least one widely circulated gossip site, that this seamy sex mess was part of a wider culture of workplace promiscuity at the Toronto Star.