Rempel’s Question About ESL Funding A Laughing Matter

for the chattering political classes, of course:

A response from Immigration Minister John McCallum may have been hysterical to his colleagues in the House of Commons, but one Tory MP wasn’t laughing.

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel questioned McCallum again on Tuesday about funding cuts to language training for refugees.

“Yesterday, when the minister stood here and glibly claimed that he had a plan to address language training, was he looking at these cuts, or was he planning his next photo op?” asked Rempel.

McCallum’s quip in the House on the subject drew laughter and applause from members on both sides of the aisle.

“Mr. Speaker, if the government wanted to send somebody somewhere for a photo op, I suspect there are people in this aisle they would probably send before they send me,” said a smiling McCallum.

The incident comes in light of news that hundreds of refugees have been turned away from programs in Toronto and Vancouver.

McCallum’s self-deprecating remark may have sparked laughter from most of the House, but Rempel wasn’t about to join in.

“While the people across the aisle here Mr. Speaker laugh at something like this, we have refugees in front of committee who are saying they are isolated … When are they going to help some of these agencies that cannot provide these services?”

After Rempel’s heated response, and a short clarification from Speaker Geoff Regan, McCallum confirmed that the government has earmarked $600 million for resettlement efforts for 2016-17.

An additional $37 million will be spent this year on Syrian refugees alone, McCallum said.

  • What a stupid government.

    • What exactly was everyone laughing about?

      • useless opinion

        At the fact that the Minister is a mincing alcoholic who might have korsakoff’s syndrome and that a photo op might be just too much for him to bear, possibly, or maybe not.

        • JoKeR

          Are you sure?

          • dance…dancetotheradio

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            It’s a birth defect.
            I have never seen that pattern in any heterosexual man.
            Let’s just say that he was born that way.

  • pettifog

    So now the Conservatives are complaining that the Liberals aren’t spending enough money? God help us all.

    • Gary

      Nice try, but Liberals told us that the 25,000 migrants was costed out and would be about $125,000,000.00 . McCallum also told us we were racists because these were Doctors , Scientists , Phd’s holders and Engineers that would pay back 4 times the costs in future taxes.

      McCallum let it slip in December that this was the first phase of 50,000 refugees each year. Their 4 year term mean 200,000 migrants that are mostly devout pro-sharia jew- hating homophobic muslims.

      Nice to see how you don’t care if your sister or mothers gets raped by these 10th century knuckle dragging males as we see the Europe.

      Are you that stupid to think that the UN is only sending us the peaceful well educated Muslims??????
      You want them , you pay for them .