Ontario auditor general finds Pan Am Games $342M over budget, but bonuses still paid

Ontario’s auditor general says last summer’s Pan Am and Parapan Am Games in Toronto came in $342 million over budget, but the province still paid more than $5 million in performance bonuses.

This was after the Budget goal-posts were conveniently adjusted…

  • mauser 98

    Wynne destroys more government property re PanScam

  • mauser 98

    …but wait there’s more…resistance is futile


  • DMB

    If anyone is going to be in the Hamilton area in the near future and decides to go see a Hamilton Tiger Cat football game at the brand new Tim Hortons field built for the Pan Am Scam games be sure to look up for any falling objects. http://www.thespec.com/news-story/6712950-tim-hortons-field-to-remove-speakers-as-one-plummets-30-metres/

    • mauser 98

      …wow …very lucky

      PanScam Minister Michael Coteau said today Hamilton , municipalities responsible for cost over run ..nothing he could do

      • G

        Wow, a corrupt frenchman feeding at the public trough.
        That hardly ever happens
        /sarc off.

    • Figures it’s Tim Horton’s Field, the carpet-baggers likely used Temporary Foreign Workers to build it.

  • G

    “Over Budget, But Bonuses Still Paid”

    Yep, (sigh) of course they were.
    If you think government bureaucrats are bunch of lazy, fat cat wastes, you have never seen the mid level or upper management of non profit organizations.

    Those useless bastards are lazier than a hillbilly’s hound dog on barbiturates. Non profit organizations? HAH! Like hell! They are very profitable for the greedy shits that are on the executive committees. At least government departments may occasionally come under scrutiny by politicians or the press.
    Non profit organizations? Never. They are unaccountable and the perfect hideout for greedy scoundrels.

    • They are thieves. All of them.

      • Reader

        All Liberal party connected hacks.

      • Exile1981

        look at how much red cross raked in vs paid out on the fort mac fires.

      • Gary

        It was about 32 years ago I used to take the GO train from Union Station to either the Bloor stop by the Dundas Subway or to the Brampton Station.
        One of the stops prior to Brampton was the GO Station on Airport rd next to the International Centre that would be a $8.00 cab ride to the Airport Terminal to day.

        The Government used the Pan Am games to justify the Union/Pearson Airport express train that cost the taxpayers $500,000,000.00 .
        No matter how many Politicians I contacted to tell them we already had a GO Train from Union to the Airport rd they didn’t care about saving money by building a EL system shuttle system that would be less than two miles from all 3 terminals.

        These pigs at the trough and lying weasels blew $500 million just for the votes or kick-backs because there is too much money floating around to not have corruption . The UP train system is now a flop and has been losing money from the start which we all knew while the Politicians boasted how great it would be and pay for itself.

        Think I’m Kidding?
        Do a Google search for the map of the airport area or get the GO transit Map for the Malton GO Station. Take a close look at the dual set of train tracks where one veers off into the terminal as the GO tracks continue about 1/2 a kilometre to Derry and Airport rd for the Malton Station.

        They didn’t need to spend $500 million because the Bloor Go stop is a UP stop that promotes taking the train to Union which is where the GO South heads to anyway. My guess is that 80% of the $500 million was for Union jobs and a pay back for votes or future votes.
        The UP station had a sign posted in 2014 that the Government was creating jobs. BULL, they used tax dollars for fake jobs and now the UP train is another Money Pit just like the TTC and TVO/CBC.

  • Alain

    But but Mike Duffy…..

    • Shebel

      You must admit that they are smart. And the media follows.

  • Shebel

    I swear before the Living Christ–that people in Toronto would vote Wynne back in.
    These people are from a different Planet.

  • bargogx1

    If the opposition parties have any brains they’ll be on this like bloodhounds on the trail.

    • Alain

      The key word is “if”.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …I see the results of stuff like this every day where I live…rotting streets, closed businesses, trash strewn everywhere, huge junkie population that’s given up on life, 200 pisstank indians living on our streets after getting evicted from their own Reserves, 1/2 the city without a physician, constant hospital gridlock, incredible corrupt crony capitalism…

  • Gary

    We all knew this and yet Toronto in deep in debt while the Leftists socialists want to bring the World’s Fair and the Olympics to Toronto.
    This , as if the terrorists will be gone by then and that Canada doesn’t have any islamists among us that would love to slaughter a huge number of infidels from over 65 nations all in one spot.