Joe Oliver: Ontario’s electricity fiasco is going to get much, much worse

What explains the Ontario Liberal government’s $7 billion Climate Change Action Plan, which will infringe on people’s freedom, impose debilitating costs, set impossible targets and fail to produce meaningful reductions in GHG emissions? The only answer can be ideological fervour, divorced from economic or practical reality.

  • k2

    “The only answer can be ideological fervour, divorced from economic or practical reality.”

    How about because they can – because a large of enough chunk of the idiotic electorate permits it?

    • Not an “idiot” electorate, but a predatory political class comprised of the public service unions, crony capitalists, the media and various rent seekers who have been allowed access to the tax payer wallets to enrich themselves.

      • k2

        Yes, agreed: it is corruption, not stupidity. Most of them know very well what they’re doing. Rather discouraging, isn’t it?

      • Chris

        In the end, one can only blame the idiot electorate because evidence of the massive waste and corruption has been on display since McGuinty was first elected as premier and they have won every election. The one minority term may as well have been a majority because the NDP followed the progressive line and did absolutely nothing to stop them.

  • Clink9

    Waiting for the Liberals to pass a law allowing only one child for each couple.

    • And it will have to be a transvestite.

    • Jaedo Drax

      Why bother, the fertility rate is already at 1.55, well below the replacement rate of 2.1

      • ontario john

        Don’t worry, Trudeau and Wynne are going to fill up the country with muslims anyway.

  • ontario john

    So she wants taxpayers to pay over 100 million dollars to convert trucking companies over to natural gas and propane. That should destroy the trucking industry, since they won’t find propane or natural gas outlets outside the province. Should make for some neat explosions on the highways though during accidents.

    • mauser 98

      this proves Wynne is deranged.. diesel is standard around the world for large trucks
      .. to custom fit them , maintenance , repairs for Ontario’s tiny market is lunacy.

      trucking rates would skyrocket
      there is no practical electric car

      • Gary

        When FORD wanted to down size their Econoline vans to fit into Underground parking and be a garageable Van in the new buyers market after the Fire Codes made it common to build the garage into part of the house to kill the Car Port next to the house.
        The Front Wheel drive allowed for the floor to be lowered once the drive shaft was gone. But I had been doing the odd delivery job with vans since 1967 where they kept getting bigger over 20 years .

        Basically , FORD realized that getting better mileage for the smaller van with a 4 cyl engine or the V6 made the van pointless for Commerce which needed 2 vans and 2 drivers to deliver goods as the payloads will also less.

        Wynne won’t catch on until the FREE food and bottle water stops coming to Queen’s Park because the electric truck ran out of power or was too small to supply all those Pigs at the Trough eating them selves to an early death.

        • mauser 98

          the electric car has been 2 years away for 100 years.
          Arcellor/Mittal / Dofasco steel in Hamilton is required to shut day operations on very hot days.. not enough juice
          Wynne has no concept of reality unless it is destroying Gov documents to cover her crimes

          • Gary

            My idea for electric cars was to standardize them as they do for the head light bulbs or Propane Tanks where they Power cell is modular just like the AA batteries on a Remote control .
            You then set up a battery exchange depot where you drive in and get treated like an Oil Change to had Cell unlocked from the holding chest to be removed and have the fully changed unit put it to drive away.

            There would be a new system to buy these cars where you only purchase the incomplete vehicle because the battery costs so much you would lease the Cell per month while the manufacturer owns them to Write-off the depreciation as a wasting-Asset during its Life-Cycle.

            The cell you turned in would go in Queue on a Charging rack so that nobody has to wait for a charge or plug in at Home with the floating Rates because a night job would force you to plug in during the day at higher rates.

            I look at the problem for the Range as being a problem for having no replacement battery just as I did for my phone to have extra batteries from the charger to swap when I got home or kept a topped up one at Work to swap .
            Mind you, I’m not expecting to drive to Florida but I could go to Detroit with one stop in London and one in Windsor . Then on the way back to Toronto stop in London and once in Toronto get a swap .

            Depots would need an App to show how many units are ready so you know here to stop, you would also need the map for these Depots and submit a request close to the depot to reserve your unit or show that they will have 5 units in 12 minutes or so .
            It’s not perfect but for a local use within about 200 miles you leave a battery and take a battery where the only main issue is to get it charged for those in that area the need it.
            No more shipping gasoline to where you will need it , we already have power lines delivering electricity while some depots can have Solar collectors to help recharge Cells.


    • Exile1981

      Back in the 90’s an Alberta company made CNG tanks for los angeles buses. They had to be able to take a 50cal AP bullet without exploding because of problems with gangs

  • ontario john

    Good news. The media is reporting that the Pan Am scam was only 342 million dollars over budget. That’s peanuts for Liberal Party spending. And the media is reporting about possible fraud by the head of the tire recycling scam agency. Yes, the new license plates for cars, will have “Yours to Exploit” as the new motto.

  • Gary

    Once the Liberals kill 80% of the Foreign Auto makers in Ontario and get a huge population into Electric cars …….the buyers can kiss-off any idea of driving to Florida or Mertle Beach because everything outside of a 300 mile range will be a Plane trip away to spew toxin and have a carbon footprint bigger than Justin’s ego.

    Toronto better take over the whole island area in the harbour for the new Airport that will be needed for all the vacations by Electric car owner fed up with being limited to driving to Hamilton , Pickering , London or Orillia .

    • mauser 98

      Hamilton , Pickering , London or Orillia….one way….recharge for 8 hours … get a room and a bottle of Crown…sleep it off … back