Is Germany going too far in trying to control right-wing extremists?

Leftist groups are often seen as something positive in Germany, a nation still dealing with its Nazi past. But radical left-wing militants are stepping up violent attacks on far-right groups and political parties.

A study by the Berlin Senate’s Department of Internal Affairs in January noted that left-wing extremists were increasingly targeting people. Their strategies included ambushing police officers and subjecting conservative residents and businessmen to verbal and physical abuse and assaults.

Despite the damage, the German media and society’s focus on left-wing violence has been much less than on neo-Nazi attacks on refugee shelters, Werner J. Patzelt, political scientist at the Technical University of Dresden, told DW.

The reason, Patzelt said, was because “we have this concept in Germany that being left is basically good, being right is definitely bad, and all means can be used in the fight against the bad.

The “left” are the new Nazis.

  • Alain

    There are no “right-wing extremists” but there is no shortage of violent left-wing extremists along with violent Muslims. Resist an invasion of hostile foreigners and you get called a “right-wing extremist”, a “neo-Nazi” and whatever else the Left can think up. Following such thinking, any German woman resisting rape by the invaders is a “right-wing extremist”.

    • ntt1

      In theory a true right wing protest would be one guy sitting alone in a dank cave. Conversely leftism tends to violence , absolute statism and eventually a totAlitarian fascism.
      It is ironic that Germans affliction of hitler and national socialism would give them the misguided impetus to embrace the very violent oppressive ideology that came so close to destroying them.

    • tom_billesley

      No need to focus on the left wing. After all, the Baader-Meinhof Group / Red Army Faction was supported by the Stasi for only a few decades.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    The Nazis *were* left wing in Der Fuhrer’s day already.

    • Jaedo Drax

      but they were the wrong kind of socialists, from exactly June 22, 1941. Up until then, the National Socialists were at peace (after a fashion) with the International Socialists