Groups Ask Trudeau For An Inquiry Into Afghan Detainees

An inquiry in 2012 concluded that no specific Canadian personnel was guilty of torture but why let that stop anyone?

A coalition of human rights advocates and current and former parliamentarians and diplomats is calling on the Liberals to launch a public inquiry into the handling of Afghan detainees.

The group released an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday, saying it’s time for him to do what the previous government would not — hold a full and open investigation into the policies and practices around Canada’s transfer of captured Afghans to local authorities during the war in Kandahar.

Allegations those detainees were abused, in violation of international law, first surfaced publicly in 2007.

To what extent the Canadian military and government were aware of and ignored that fact, and what actually happened to the Afghans, was the subject of nearly five years of investigation by the military and Parliament.