Trans-Women vs. Little Girls

Which is more important to you, the “right” of a man to “identify” as a woman and use the ladies’ restroom, or the safety of little girls. For most Progressives, including the ACLU, the obvious answer is to support the “trans-woman”. For some Progressives who have daughters, that answer isn’t so obvious…

Liberal Party Freak Show - Would you trust your children to the woman who posed for this picture?

Liberal Party Freak Show – Would you trust your children to the woman who posed for this picture?

  • Gary

    I have said before that if the voting age was dropped to 5 we would have seen Barbara Hall and the Liberals finally care about children’s Rights to be protected from pedophilies and sexual predators . For now the Liberal and Police Chief’s in Toronto, refuse to enforce the Federal laws that protect children from adult perverts in public as we see at the PRIDE parade.
    For a group of people that keep denying that Pedophilia is tied to homosexuality they sure love exposing them self in public while knowing little girls are around.
    Wynne , McGunity , Blair, TDSB and the Police now look like some really sick and twisted bastard tossing children to child-abuser and perverts.

    No big shock that ex-Chief Bill Blair is now part of the pedophile-friendly federal Liberal Party and is now a MP that doesn’t care about Justin’s illegal drugs use and yet he threatened to Arrest Rob Ford for the same alleged illegal drug use when he was the Toronto Police Chief.

    Don’t be shocked when Ontario legalizes Adult2Child romance
    or Man2Boy sex . These are people with a Mental Disorder and their conscience is numb to the rapes and abuse to children from their own Policies .

    • Wynne is a diseased old dyke.

      • Exile1981

        The only question is what diseases does she have and how infectious are they.

    • bargogx1

      Children should not be there in the first place. It’s despicable that these parades are promoted as “family friendly” events, and it’s despicable that parents actually take their children to view such depravity.

      • Roping children into political demonstrations of any kind is a sort of child abuse.

      • Gary

        I’ve made an effort to boycott as many of the Sponsors as I can because they know that this is obscene and child-abuse .
        In the future when the Police are forced to stop the child-abuse in public it will be impossible for PIZZA PIZZA , BMO , TD , HOME DEPOT, Loblaws , Toronto STAR and all the others to claim they didn’t know child-abuse was wrong……or the CEO claims they were just following orders.

  • G

    “Would I trust my kid to the woman in the picture?”

    Not possible. There aren’t any women in the picture.

  • Surele Surele

    And this afternoon will not be the first time I got sick after seeing the same photo. Must you torture us so?

  • People embraced this madness. They can now own it.

    • V10_Rob

      You glorify and reward something, you get more of it.

  • ontario john

    Yes, that’s right kiddies, we have gone from the greatest generation to the perverted generation. And the Toronto Star website has the latest information on Wynne’s global warming scams. Time to move.

  • Dana Garcia

    The Left claims to support women’s rights and safety, but clearly it does not, shown most sharply by its policies of diverse misogynous immigration. The tranny bathroom thing is icing on the pre-existing crap-cake.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    What is Wynne doing in the photo without her own Halloween costume?

  • xavier

    Hmm me having kids suddenly makes reality so much more appealing than grandstanding on vapid principles build on sandcastle near the water eh?