‘Since I became a Christian I fear no one’: Refugee explains mass conversions from Islam

More and more Muslim refugees have been converting to Christianity in Europe, according to reports from churches. One of the new converts told RT: “I have been spat on, told that I’ve betrayed Islam, but through what I’ve learned I can forgive them.”

In Austria there have been at least 300 applications for adult christenings in the first three months of 2016 alone, with up to 70 percent of those said to be refugees, the Guardian reported.

At Berlin’s Trinity church the congregation has recently grown from 150 to almost 700, the newspaper said.

  • I’ll believe it when I see it.

    If the conversions are genuine, European and North American leftists will have double-edged swords to deal with. On one hand, the mass migration is proved valid. On the other, Christians.

    • john700

      What makes you think Christians does not mean leftists? Let’s face it, jurisdictions where the Catholic Church was very powerful (France, Spain, Quebec) became bastions of Socialism.

      • They’ve become socialist and chucked the Christianity.

        Ask a Quebecker when was the last time he went to Mass.

        There is a reason why regimes wanted the Church gone.

        • john700

          Did you ever wonder why Socialism became entrenched in the most Catholic countries in the world? I think there is something in the Church’s teachings that makes people to lean to the left.

          • I’m going to say this again: there is a reason why regimes wanted the Church gone.

            Did Saint John Paul II boost the Solidarity movement out of love for socialism?

          • john700

            I was not talking about the leaders.

          • You made it clear that the teachings of the Church make people lean toward socialism. There is no evidence of that and one would think that its leaders would espouse them.

            Even in “Mitrokhin’s Archive” does one read about attempts to subvert, destroy or infiltrate the Church.

          • Jabberwokk

            I find there is very little Christianity in the orthodoxy of Catholicism. They put a man(cardinal, pope, what-have-you) in between the human and God Nullifying and making of no effect the whole reason why Jesus died on a cross to begin with.

            Catholicism comes across as a return to works based salvation which was done away with with the fulfillment of the old testament and the ushering in of the new. Paul spent the majority of his writing fighting against this in the epistles. Grace as it turns out is easy to learn but hard to live out.

            Is there is something innately socialistic in Catholicism? Arguably I suppose. What about Christianity? The parable of the talents spoken by Jesus himself should dispel that notion. May I also remind you that the goal of socialism is to create a utopia; to recreate Eden, without God. It’s really just designed to circumvent the expulsion from paradise. Something Jesus has made a way for us already.

  • Ron MacDonald

    They know they will eventually be deported and believe converting to Christianity may give them an edge over other Muslims.

    • Glendajjeffreys2

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    • BillyHW

      Not likely with this gang in charge.

    • John

      I disagree…respectfully.

      I can understand how conversion can act as an insurance policy against deportation, but that line of thinking can’t explain the conversion to Christianity of those Muslims already in America WITH citizenship.

      A former Miss U.S.A, raised a Muslim, recently converted to Christianity when marrying a Lebanese Christian. She had her citizenship, had lots of money, was in no danger of being deported, and yet she converted. She had been educated in Catholic convent schools and had always been attracted to the faith.

      Some of these refugees may have had similar experiences and so their conversions may be genuine.

      • Jabberwokk

        Without the the threat of the sword of Islam millions would turn to Christ.

  • Alain

    I only hope it is true, I mean true conversions. It is only due to the real threat of being killed that a large number would not leave Islam. That along with forced conversions is how Islam built its numbers. No other religion is like that, which again is why I maintain that it does not qualify as a religion. This is exactly how communism works: none can leave it alive, and it is forced on everyone.

    • Clausewitz

      I’m somewhat skeptical. Remember it is well within the rules of Islam to lie to anyone for the furtherment of their religion.

    • John

      I think a good number of them are genuine.

      In the late 19th century quite a number of Muslims emigrated to Argentina, and most ended up converting to Christianity.

      Carlos Menem, former president of Argentina, hailed from just such a background. His grandparents were Muslim when they arrived in the country in the 1890s.

      Similar conversions happened in Brazil at around the same time.

  • xavier

    I would like to see both a sociological and theological inquest on the conversions. Ask basic questions why and then do a theological look at the conversions. I’mean curious as to which demoninations are seeing the most converts to and why