Malkin: North Carolina Subsidizes American Worker Sabotage

Why does North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory hate American workers?

McCrory’s GOP administration is a serial offender when it comes to using tax dollars to lure Indian offshore outsourcing firms to the U.S. Deon Roberts at the Charlotte Observer reported this weekend on the state’s subsidies for companies that use or specialize in H-1B visa workers.

  • The Butterfly

    H-1B is a scam to sell out our best and brightest young people.

  • jack burns

    The biggest players in The Triangle, the confluence of Raleigh, Durham and Cary where there is a huge technical park, are mostly Silicon Valley outfits that would sell their mothers for 10 cents. I worked for one there. Loads of corruption involved with the whole outsourcing thing. Multiple inquiries started but all of them fall flat. Wonder why.