Katie Hopkins is not excited about Ramadan

Paul rang in to say he runs an engineering firm of 300 people. Last year one person lost a few fingers in heavy machinery. This year he has sent fasting Muslims home on full pay because he can’t afford the moral hazard of someone hurting themselves.

And legal advice says he certainly can’t afford to send them home on no pay because he will take the heat for religious discrimination.

Obviously public sector employers — spending taxpayers’ cash — are even more generous.

The NHS suggests a break every 40 to 50 minutes. Employer advice suggests rearranging the working day around Ramadan, allowing workers to work from home in the afternoon when they are tired and weak from not eating.

Employers are advised to allow workers to log on and work after they have broken fast.

At 9.30 at night? How the heck is that supposed to be useful to a small business?