Janna Jihad Unmasked: 10-Year-Old Media Darling Is a False Heroine

Janna Jihad - CopyA 10-year-old Palestinian firebrand “journalist” who sent social media into a frenzy recently over her bravery for documenting Israeli “injustice” in Palestine can be unmasked as an anti-Israel propaganda tool – a child being used by a family of terrorists.



  • simus1

    palestinian muslim terrorism and gangsterism, once above the level of the cannon fodder, tends toward extended family and clan connections.
    Just like most other activities.

  • The full Monty.

    The complete Islam.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This is old news. The Israellycool.com blog has been documenting this family’s activities for years and even identified the Oregon filmmaker who records these stage managed events.

    • seaoh

      They nick named her
      Shirley temper

    • Yes they have. But this is a nice encapsulation.

  • ed

    3 more years and it`s baghead and 1st cousin time !

    • Clausewitz

      Actually no, she’s already an old maid by Muslim standards.