ISIS slams rivals as ‘Jews of Jihad’

Supporters of the Islamic State continued to refer to arch rival terrorist organization Al-Qaida as the “Jews of Jihad” on Twitter, The Middle East Media Research Institute reported Monday, using the hashtag as a derogatory term based on the claim that the two share the same negative qualities.

The hashtag first made its appearance on the Internet in January 2016 in an article titled “The Jews of Jihad: Al-Zawahiri’s Al-Qaida” by prominent pro-ISIS supporter Abu Maysara Al-Shami. The article was written as a condemnation for an alleged conspiracy concocted by al-Qaida to join the ranks of ISIS in order to destroy the Islamist group from within.

  • “Jews” to Islamists must be some sort of cuss word.

    • Pretty much.

      • Is it like the word “smurf” on “The Smurfs” as in “I told that smurfing smurf to smurf the smurf off”?

        I’m sure Islamists ripped that off of “The Smurfs”.

  • Rosenmops

    I wish we could put them all on an island together and watch them kill each other. Through in some Mexican gangs and make it pay per view.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Here are the REAL Jews of jihad. There is a reason ISIS has never attacked them.

  • Me Here

    I would rather be a dead JEW than a live moslem. <:o)

  • Barrington Minge

    Here we go. Blame everybody else…..