I Want a President Who Can Tame America’s Lefty Rioters

There they go again. In San Jose last week, lefty demonstrators rioted against typical Americans leaving a Donald Trump rally, and the mayor of San Jose blamed Donald Trump for the violence. In the 21st century, in a democratic republic where “the people rule,” what is going on?

  • Dana Garcia

    “Tame”? How about prosecuted and punished with appropriate jail time?

  • That president was Reagan.

    He’s gone now.


  • Gary

    At least the Mayor is honest to point out it’s Trumps fault because he knows that Mexican’s are predisposed to riots and violence just like the followers of islam are when Pam Geller and Robert Spencer were blamed for the Garland TX Jihad plot.

    Mexican’s will make California just like their hell-hole homeland they fled.
    We slobs move into a pristine mansion they do not be clean hard working people…..they ruin the mansion down to their level of filth .

    There is a fight going on between Muslms and Mexicans to see which group can make the USA a 3rd World hell-hole.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Soon the political conventions will be upon us and we will see how the mobs are handled. In 1968, the Republican convention went on without incident because the police chief of Miami locked down the city for the duration. No such conscientious law enforcement took place in Chicago when the Democrats convened.

  • Reader