Geert Wilders: Muslims, Leave Islam, Opt for Freedom!

Many people have been shocked by a recent undercover documentary on Danish television. It revealed how imams, speaking a moderate language when talking to Westerners, have a quite different message for Muslims in the mosque. There, Islam shows its true face: cruel, barbaric, inhumane.

  • ismiselemeas

    Geert Wilders will be lucky to see out the next election alive.

  • Gary

    Justin seem fine with verbal abuse and pushing women around in public which makes me wonder if he beats his wife behind closed doors.
    Paul Bernado and Karla looked like the pretty darling in public , why would Justin be any different .

    • Exile1981

      Well Paul was the puppet of Karla…. and Turdeau is too stupid to be anything but a puppet, so they have that in common.

  • pdxnag

    This is the best way to distinguish “Muslim” from Islam. Any less-than-fully-pious Muslim can and should jump from the ship of Islam.