Free Speech in Peril

A conversation with Timothy Garton Ash.

Does the rise of authoritarianism in so many different countries, and the corresponding threat to minorities, make you think differently about these issues?

I have a very clear view, which is that mature democracies should try to go beyond hate speech laws. It was different in some earlier situations, like Britain in the 1960s, when kids of Pakistani origin were routinely being beaten up on the way home from school. A law was passed, which if you look at it looks like a hate speech law, but the justification was about the probability of violence, which I think is where we should draw the line, and not the much, much broader category of hate speech. The category I use a lot in the book is dangerous speech rather than hate speech. That’s speech that actually significantly increases the probability of violence in a particular context.

Much of the push for hate speech laws is old-fashioned and simplistic sociology…

  • infedel

    bugger off islam and marxists

  • Sorry, but it’s true

    Something that I don’t see a whole lot of on sites like this, basically sites dedicated to reporting on the genocide of the European/White people, their demographic replacement, the destruction of their cultures, etc. is CHOICE.

    There’s an image floating around the internet that encapsulates what I’m going to say perfectly: It’s a picture of a Jihadi with a ski-mask on, holding an AK-47 looking strong and menacing. Next to him in a split image is a Western Left-wing Hippy, sandals on, flower in long hair, shorts. He looks dirty, cowardly and weak.

    In-front of these two polar opposite images is a White/European child running forward (toward the future) and he’s looking back at the Jihadi.

    And what the image is saying is this: Given a choice between the strong or the weak, the strong will be chosen every-time.

    That Western Left-wing hippy in that picture represents current Western culture. Hem and haw all you want, our culture is diseased. Poisoned by generations of Left-wing propaganda via schools, media, etc. our culture has become a cesspit of debauchery, moral depravity, backwards illogical ‘progression’, utter filth and decay. This latest bathroom fiasco is just another point in a long list of them.

    Look at Western Culture – not through your pick and choose lens, but through reality. It’s utterly disgusting. Promiscuous women, infidelity rates through the roof, low birth-rate, anti-Male bias in family courts, self-hatred run rampant, moral degeneracy propped up and supported, racism against Whites/Europeans regime/culturally supported, etc.

    It’s weak. It’s contemptible. It’s filthy.

    By contrast, Islamic culture looks strong. Looks vibrant. Looks morally superior.

    Now ask yourself this: You’re a 25 year old White Western Male and the year is 2034. You are a German living in Germany. All around you, you see German women (raised on the Left poisoned Western German culture) cheating on their husbands/boyfriends, dressing like sluts, behaving like sluts, sleeping with Africans, etc. You see men like yourself (German) being torn apart through the various family courts. You see them beaten and broken down by Western culture. You see them unable to fight, unable to defend themselves or their families. You see them like beaten, malnourished dogs.

    And then you look at Islamic culture, which is now very prevalent if entirely separate in Germany. The contrast is electrifying. Women don’t cheat on their husbands/boyfriends, those who do are punished severely and ostracized. They don’t dress like sluts, behave like sluts. They keep to their own men. The courts are silent when it comes to them, it doesn’t see them and thus it doesn’t preside over them. You see these men walking around like warriors, strong, aggressive and what used to be consider masculine in Western culture. You see them beat up German men and laugh about it. You see them doing what they want and everyone powerless to stop them.

    You see their women wearing burqas and hijabs, annousing they are proud to be Muslims. You see them unified.

    What do you do? Do you keep identifying with a culture that hates and despises you? A culture that raises men like you to hate yourself, to have high suicide rates, with women who are disloyal and who hate you with a passion? A culture that wants you to be as feminine and non-manly as possible? A culture that wants you to have no children and punishes you when you do? A culture of cowardice, depravity, weakness, and filth?

    Or do you start identifying with a culture that is the complete opposite?

    I know the answer and I think you do too.

    Without a MAJOR, MAJOR rebuilding of Western culture (which would require at this point a dictator like Erdogan, Napoleon, etc.) Western culture will die and Islam will take its place and more and more European/White men will convert just our of sheer desperation, disgust and hatred.

    I’m 26 years old. I’m White. I look around at the way my peers behave and I am disgusted. They don’t represent me, but at the same time they do. More and more Islam looks like an island in a sea of filth.

    I’d rather your average White male and Female was more like a Chechen than a modern Swede.

    And if we were, none of this would be happening to us. That’s reality.

  • V10_Rob

    It’s always been illegal to threaten or do harm to someone. Yet the left keeps insisting on reinventing this wheel.

    • Which is why I’m experimenting with a vpn — logged on bcf right now via vpn. Took a bit of experimentation to get it to work properly but as far as I can see I’m on totally private untraceable channel.

      Not that I need vpn on bcf — comments are public. Just testing it on different sites for the day when the free speech hammer comes down. Looking at different options…

      • Justin St.Denis

        Always have a Plan B in the event of a sudden rise in fascism. You’re way ahead of the Canadian Curve. Speaking for myself, I’ve invested substantially in a Hungarian vineyard (near Eger) owned in the main by a relative-by-marriage. There’s a nice little cottage in the NW section of the vineyard which we will be inhabiting for the first time this year, probably from mid-July through to late September. We’ve established a network of friends across Hungary over the past three decades. We never thought we’d be looking at Hungary as our “escape hatch” but there you have it!

        • You’re ahead of me on that one — my original plan is to go abroad. Sort of brought me back to private networking — it would be good to know how to use in any region of the world, which is becoming increasingly unstable — either because of too much State interference or not enough State interference (e.g. poor policing). I choose the latter over the former. The vpn I’m currently experimenting is popular among dissidents in “closed countries” but I’m sure it would be good in either situation.