Clinton Blamed Trump For Rally Violence, Then THIS Came Out…

Feminists and other progressives popularized the idea that we should never “blame the victim,” and Democrats made sure this idea became woven into the law of the land. For any good it has done, this mindset has also eroded personal responsibility and fueled an increase in false rape, abuse and hate crime accusations.

Of course, Democrats never intend for the rules they invent and enforce to apply to them. When the “victim” is one of their enemies, they never hesitate to “blame” them. Many leftists blamed America for 9/11 and now, on a smaller scale, they’re blaming Donald Trump for the riots outside his rallies.

  • mauser 98

    ….what if Trump wore a $12,000 jacket?
    Hillary Clinton gave inequality speech in $12K Armani jacket

  • Cat-astrophe

    Wow! Imagine, as primitive as it is, the left is using cause and effect. Simple logic.
    Trump is having a rally.
    Trump is talking on a stage.
    There is senseless violence outside Trumps rally
    If Trump was NOT holding a rally, and talking on the stage, there would be no violence.
    Therefore, Trump must stop rallying and talking. That will end all senseless violence.