When ‘That’s not funny’ leads to ‘That’s really not funny’

Comedy ain’t what it used to be. Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld, among others, have said that they’d never do stand-up on a campus these days because the ultra-PC students are so easily offended. Since Joan Rivers’ untimely death in 2014 robbed us of a bold, antic counterweight to all things PC, three other female comics who once fearlessly provoked in every direction have caved in to the zeitgeist.

  • Ah, the comedian class.

    So brave but not at all.

    • Maurice Miner

      Comedy is really EASY when you know for certain that no-one in your audience is going to jump up and kill you, no matter what you say.

      Comedy only becomes uncomfortable when you have to temper your comedic observances and one-liners so as not to offend a certain number of your audience, who may or may not have the proclivity to end your life as a consequence of what you are saying.

      • Bingo.

        We laugh at things we cannot say. Comedy now is laughing at things people say all the time.

  • Minicapt

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    The Jewish sage just shrugged, “Meh. You were just homesick.”


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  • Gary

    This is their Just Desserts because they got away with bashing White Christians or republican’s which was embraced on the Campus .
    But now these cream-puff snow flakes have taken over the Campus and only want jokes about white male oppressors or how evil the USA is while all other groups or topics are off the table.

    The gay community is next because they will rue the day they joined the feminists in the Pro-Choice march along with staying quiet about quranic sanctioned Homophobia.
    Science in the field of Biology will find the sexual-preference DNA Strand where we will see the current gender-cide abortions to female babies be joined with the Homo-cide Abortions to lesbian babies ( Justin currently supports killing BROWN female babies but good luck Justin trying to stop gay babies from being killed) .
    Then we have the Liberalism in Canada aiding in spreading Sharia while bring in thousands of homophobic devout muslim refugees that have a holy book telling them to kill gays along with Jihad for the Global caliphate.

    Oh the irony because all of the Minorities onside with the islamists by their shared hatred for the West and Christians will be the first ones beheaded under sharia Law just because of what they are while it will be the Christians given the chance to Convert or agree to be a Dimmhi pating the Head-tax in the Caliphate.
    I hope I’m still alive to see Barbara Hall , Olivia chow, Libby Davies, Susan G Cole and Wynne in a Jihad video having their heads sawed off by men wearing masks that t praise god in arabic as these dolts cry out that they are on their side and that islam is a religion of peace.