U.S. grants asylum to gay, Christian grandson of Hamas official

John Calvin, whose birth name is unknown, hails from the West Bank, the largest of the Palestinian territories presently occupied by Israel. His grandfather is a Hamas official. What makes Calvin unique, however, is two fold: he’s gay and a convert to Christianity (from Islam). Due to apparent threats to his life from his family over his religious beliefs, he fled to Canada and then ultimately the U.S. where he received long-awaited asylum. CNN reported on his fascinating story.

Calvin has known much hardship and detention since his youth. While in the West Bank, he believed his father desired to commit an honor killing against him over his desire to convert to Christianity.

His father denies any plans of an honor killing, but reportedly told CNN “the family has a right to retaliate against him” should he return.

  • BillyHW

    Gay, eh? Dude knows how to read the writing on the wall.

    • G

      He probably just threw in the “Christian” bit just to make sure he’d get his refugee claim approved.

  • Alain

    This can easily be verified. Hook him up with a homosexual partner, have him eat a few BLTs and renounce allah as God.

    • Martin B

      Blowjobs Bacon & Blasphemy. Now that’s a REAL gay Christian!

  • Oh, why bother?!

  • Shebel

    Poor Calvin.
    Poor us.

  • Shebel

    Probably has an IQ of about 69.

  • marty_p

    What? Kathleen Wynne missed this opportunity? The kid could have been Grand Marshall in the Toronto Pride parade – he could be the poster “boy” for the Toronto “anybody not just citizens should be able to vote” campaign. How did she let a prime immigrant like this get overlooked. I am sure she could have found a TCHC apartment with his name on it.
    Obviously he fled the West Bank due to Zionist oppression.

  • John

    Well, this is certainly an embarrassment for the “Queers for Palestine” gang.

    I think his conversion is sincere.