TV Report on Iran’s Holocaust Cartoon Contest: Its Goal Is to Spotlight the “Holocaust” Perpetrated by Israel

I’m sure glad PM Useful Idiot is playing Kissy-Face with these guys.

  • occupant 9

    Due to Israel’s stubborn re-existence, she will be blamed for the ‘holocaust” when/should Iran send a nuclear bomb her way since the so-called “Palestinians” are only 15 feet away, they will be vaporized too.

    Funny, though the so-called “Palestinians” realize this, they’re okay with Iran nuking Israel if it results in the annihilation of the Jews and the obliteration of the state of Israel; *that’s* how fraudulent the so-called “Palestinians” claim is to a “state of their own.”

    As for our Supreme Idiot, he has no idea how much he has no idea and the tragic part for us depreciated Canadians, is he thinks Canada is his to give away.