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isisISIS publicly burns alive 19 Kurdish women for rejecting sex slavery

The women, who belonged to the Kurdish Yezidi minority, were executed on Thursday, according to witnesses in Mosul, the Iraqi stronghold of IS (formerly known as ISIS).

“They were punished for refusing to have sex with IS militants,” local media activist Abdullah al-Malla told ARA News.

Bulgarians-640x480Bulgarian Civilian Vigilante Groups Hunting Migrants

A group of men in Bulgaria roam the countryside helping plant trees, participating in torch light parades on national holidays and tracking down illegal migrants to turn into the Bulgarian authorities. The group call themselves the “organization for the protection of Bulgarian citizens,” and were founded by Hristo Atanasov, a cook and self described patriot, Die Welt reports.

latinos for trumpHow popular is Trump with Hispanic voters?

Donald Trump has promised to build a wall along the southern border. He’s referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals. He’s attacked the Republican Hispanic governor of New Mexico.

He’s done much to alienate Latino voters since entering the presidential race, yet according to some polls he’s running ahead of 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney among them.

baconHere’s What the Government Wants to Do to Your Bacon

Concerned over the link between excess salt and high blood pressure, a risk factor for heart disease and stroke, the Food and Drug Administration today took a modest step toward ratcheting down the sodium in the food supply. The FDA proposed voluntary guidelines for food companies to gradually remove sodium from their products. The idea is that if companies agree to slowly make their products less salty at the same time, no company will have to act first and take a sales hit from consumers turned off by blander bacon.

Aka “boiling the frog”.

safety firstGeneration Snowflake: how we train our kids to be censorious cry-babies

First, it is important to note that young people who cry offence are not feigning hurt — generational fragility is a real phenomenon. Speaking at numerous school and university events in recent years, I’ve noticed an increasingly aggrieved response from my young audience to any argument I put forward that they don’t like. They are genuinely distressed by ideas that run contrary to their worldview. Even making a general case for free speech can lead to gasps of disbelief. But why do they take everything so personally? The short answer is: because we socialised them that way.

paris migrant campThe Jungle moves into the centre of Paris: Thousands of UK-bound migrants battling floods in shanty town close to Eurostar hub

Thousands of UK-bound migrants were yesterday flooding into a giant ‘staging post’ shanty town that has suddenly sprung up close to the Eurostar hub in Paris.

It follows the announcement by Paris’s socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo that the city’s first-ever international refugee camp will be built in the French capital later this summer.

The Jardins d’Eole have already turned into a lawless, rubbish-strewn mess, full of around 2,500 people, mainly young men, planning their journeys to Britain.

terror tunnelHamas planning to fight next war underground

Israeli security forces arrested a Hamas terrorist involved in tunnel digging who crossed the border into Israel, it has been cleared for publication.

The terrorist revealed a wealth of information about Hamas’s activities in northern Gaza, including its tunnel digging activities, recruitment methods, training drills and preparations for operations against Israeli forces in northern Gaza.

toronto_star_logoToronto Star: ISIS is NOT Islamic, recruits motivated by job offers, marriage and Islamophobia

The Toronto Star persistently dismisses any connection between the the Islamic State (a.k.a. IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh and Caliphate) and Islam arguing that it is a “criminal” entity which falsely pretends as Islamic.

Michael Cooke, Toronto Star’s editor-in-chief, described the Islamic State as “multinational gang of killers and rapists” who “have no legitimacy as a state”.

Olivia Ward, Toronto Star’s Foreign Affairs Reporter, elaborated on the Star’s editorial policy to avoid calling the Islamic State “Islamic”: “That’s because the criminal gang that has murdered, raped and pillaged its way across the Middle East, while sending sycophants to slaughter civilians abroad, is neither Islamic nor an internationally recognized state.”

Muslim London

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Girl with artificial limb breaks down after getting doll with leg to match hers

Get the tissues out because this video is almost certain to make you a bit emotional.

It shows 10-year-old Emma Bennett receiving an American Girl doll. But what makes it so special is that the doll has a prosthetic limb just like hers.

Courtney Bennett mentions in the video that she sent the doll to a company, A Step Ahead Prosthetics, to have it outfitted with a prosthetic limb.

In a statement on its website, the New York company says it provides the service for free to little girls with limb loss.