Can Prosecutors Convict Anyone at All in the Death of Freddie Gray?

The trial of Officer Caesar Goodson for his involvement in the death of Freddie Gray was always going to be the highest-profile case, among the trials of the six officers accused. Goodson was driving the van in which Gray was loaded on the morning of April 19, 2015. By the time the van arrived at a police station less than hour later, Gray’s spine was nearly severed, and he would die several days later. Prosecutors brought an unusually strong slate of charges against the officers involved, especially Goodson, who is accused of depraved-heart murder, the gravest of the charges in the case.

  • Gary

    I still don’t understand this case because the arresting Officers called for a Wagon to take him away which means that the Wagon driver took over the responsibility for Freddy once in the back to transport to the Station .

    If Freddy had found $200,000.00 in diamonds in a small bag while in the back of that wagon , would he now being force to share the money with the arresting Cops?

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    It was never about convicting anyone. They needed scapegoats, to be shown that They Were Doing Something, that the black chicks In Charge were In Charge, and to show white cops that their presence was no longer required.