BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee and the first woman to top a major party’s Presidential ticket

The Associated Press is naming Hillary Clinton the winner of the Democratic nomination based on her superdelegate support.

The AP determined tonight that Clinton has enough superdelegates in her corner to win the nomination at this summer’s convention, aside from tomorrow’s elections in six states and one final contest next week in the District of Columbia.

Clinton needs 2,383 delegates total to become the nominee. The AP determined she has exactly that much support when the party officials backing her are included in the tally.

  • Now she’s going to try to beat Obama’s gun sales record.

  • He’s not giving up.

    • Good for Bernie.

    • He’s a horrible old commie, but I don’t hate him nearly as much as I hate her.

      • He is just less worse.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Well stated!

          • Cheers.

            The electorate has itself to blame. Neither Sanders nor Clinton should even be considered.

            Voters are settling for the bottom of the barrel.

      • Dana Garcia

        Bernie is an honest commie, unlike the evil Hilldog.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Yeah, good for Bernie.

  • infedel

    Hey media. you are supporting a felon and traitor for your narrative…FO you are useless and the social engineering is failing.

  • Gary

    As soon as I saw Burnie in the race I went on record to say that he was used as part of making Hillary look sane.

    • Alain

      Maybe but I doubt anyone could make Hilderbeast look acceptable.

      • Clinton

        He’s so old he makes her look young in comparison, and so
        far left he makes her look centrist. That’s probably why the
        DNC powers-that-be let him run against her– that, and
        having someone else in the primaries would make it less
        obvious that the fix has always been in for Hillary.

        If Bernie truly wanted to win, and not just be window dressing,
        he’d have called Hillary out on her corruption and ethics
        violations and her innumerable lies. Instead, Sanders said
        during one of their ‘debates’ that he didn’t care about her
        email scandal.

        When this is over, Bernie gets to walk away with whatever
        remains in his campaign fund, and I suspect the DNC has
        other ways of making this charade worth his while.

        • Norman_In_New_York

          Bernie did call her out on her speaking fees from Wall Street. That’s when his campaign took off. And yes, conflict of interest is just as serious as loose emails, since bribery is specifically listed by the Constitution as grounds for impeachment.

  • So she will lose to Trump?

    • Alain

      If not the U.S.A. is finished.

      • She won’t get in.

        • Alain

          After what happened here with the last election, I am not sure. Don’t forget Obama getting a second term.

          • I also haven’t forgotten Clinton’s legal woes which are getting worse over time.

  • jack burns

    Everything seems to happen faster these days. The fall of Rome took hundreds of years. We’ll get it done in 4 months.

  • Brett_McS

    The polls say the hyena will win. The only positive would be that the Republican controlled House may have the courage to stand up to such an unpopular President.

  • canminuteman

    An indictment in the middle of an election campaign would be an interesting and historic turn of events.

  • John

    Bernie will hang on until the DNC if he takes California.

    Hillary is know for her coughing fits. She may be ill. A dry cough is a symptom, among others, of congestive heart failure…although as a malady it can take a number of years before it makes someone an invalid.