What the war on cops does to the poor

From Daily Caller:

Mac Donald gives voice to the many good and poor residents struggling to live crime-free, who appreciate police protection and presence. Activists, like members of the Black Lives Matter movement, have attempted to vilify her because she dares to add scholarship and facts to an emotionally-charged public debate designed to vilify law enforcement.

MacDonald has proven herself to be a steady, courageous umpire with facts and logic at a time when America’s culture is dominated by manipulation, lies and narratives driving public thought. More.

Reality check: Some people aren’t sympathetic, but I am. I’ve been there. Many poor people can’t help where they are living because they can’t solve their problems just by getting rich. And so many people lie to them, so often with government funding, that many would need to be geniuses to see through it, as follows: You are poor, in part, so that your social worker can have a job and your politician can look good. You can’t have a job because then you wouldn’t need them.

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