Tommy Robinson To Debate Head Of British Muslim Youth In Rotherham

PEGIDA organizer Tommy Robinson has agreed to debate the head of the British Muslim Youth (BMY) in Rotherham, on whether or not Islam is responsible for the over-representation of Muslims in rape gang scandals.

PEGIDA Walk In Rotherham Rape Town Passes Off Peacefully

Asshole Islamist apologist

  • John

    The members of this ‘youth’ group consist of anyone with a pulse and a beard who isn’t female.

  • Ford Prefect

    I am at the point where if you identify as a progressive female you are on your own with the muslims. Have fun being treated as cattle.

    • John

      Anne Marie Waters ( pictured with Robinson) is one of the few real feminists left in the UK. She understand the cost of multiculturalism, its dangers, particularly with regards to the safety and security of working class women. They’re paying an awful price.

  • UCSPanther

    Calls Pegida Nazis, wears a Palestinian Keffiyah (Think modern version of Swastika Armband)

    What’s wrong with this picture?