The Star wants to spend more of your money to fund PM Useful Idiot’s Syrian refugees

Fund language classes for Syrian refugees: Editorial

Basel Mahmoud was a manager at a KFC in Damascus before his life was torn apart by the brutal war in Syria. But this spring, as he attended a job fair in Toronto, the newly arrived refugee was optimistic he would soon find a job in a fast-food restaurant. That’s because he was learning English. “I’m getting better at it every day,” said the father of three. “I’m hopeful I can find a job in a few months.”

But Mahmoud may now be one of 1,800 Syrian refugees in Toronto who have found their hopes of quick employment dashed. That’s because their English classes have been put on hold for the summer by COSTI, an organization that helps settle refugees in Toronto, because of a lack of funding from the federal government.

At least Basel is among the functionally literate refugees that ass in Ottawa has foisted on us.

And getting them up to speed in English may cost us all less in the run.

It’s typical of PM Useful Idiot to forget to attend to the details once the selfies are done.

In Nova Scotia some 30% of Syrian refugees were found to be illiterate in their own language, what’s to be done about this?

How many can be made “job ready” if any?

Canada’s virtue signaling class strikes again, and as always more money is needed to clean up their mess.

Here’s some great news, Toronto Housing has a new official language…

h/t MP