The goon squad hits the US

From Derek Hunter at Townhall on the brownshirts attacking Trump supporters:

Confused and afraid, progressives have gone back to the well to which they always return – the angry mob.

These rioting goons are organized by people who know what they’re doing; they’ve been conditioned to hate anyone “not on their team.” And just like the Sturmabteilung [Hitler’s Brownshirts], blind loyalty to their righteous cause crowds out their dignity and basic humanity.

This was easier when the left’s control of a few key media outlets was enough to slow communications and monopolize thought. The press was the almost exclusive domain of Walter Duranty-types who served up the New York Times as Stalin’s personal press shop. Those days are done, thanks to the Internet, and they’re never coming back.

There’s no longer a monopoly for progressive propagandists with press credentials. For all its faults, Twitter destroyed the polemicists’ power. As progressives indulge in their typical tactics, the world is seeing it, unfiltered, for the first time. And people are discovering it’s every bit as ugly as it’s always been. More.

Reality check: Globalization means, among other things, a flattening out, an averaging, of expectations for government. Goon squads are a normal feature of government in much of the world, so those who advocate globalism as some kind of a benefit should just get used to them.

And never forget, goonship usually works. Rare is the polity that can stand against empowered goons.

Curious that Trump is associated with Hitler by many Americans who will vote for the candidate supported by the Goons (probably Hillary).

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