The EU is a mirage

When I am asked to describe the European Union, I often say that it is a bit like a mirage. We all know how a mirage works. From far away, the image is clear and strong. As you get closer, it starts to wobble and shimmer until eventually it disappears.

The EU is like that. Seen from national capitals, be they London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Bratislava or Madrid, it looks clear and distinct. It has its own institutions, its own buildings, even its own legal order. It can punish national governments for over-spending and close national banks. But as you get closer to Brussels, this image begins to wobble. Finally, when you are really up close, it disappears altogether.

  • infedel

    Good post…thanks

  • Mike Tyson

    The EU has to be the dumbest idea anyone ever came up with. Of course, that time I decided to rape that girl, that was pretty dumb too.

    • V10_Rob

      ‘Sup Mike?

      It certainly ranks in your top 3, the others being the facial tattoo and chewing on Holyfield’s ear.

      • Mike Tyson

        Why do people keep brining up the ear thing? I said I was sorry.