Mobile euthanasia clinics in Holland

From Daily Mail:

In particular, increasing numbers of Dutch people with mental illness demand euthanasia. In 2010, two people with such conditions had their lives ended with the figure increasing to 56 last year.

Of those deaths, 36 were conducted by doctors from Amsterdam’s End Of Life clinic which has a lengthy waiting list and sends mobile euthanasia teams across Holland to help patients die in their own homes.

The clinic is run by Steven Pleiter, the former European director of an American IT company, who told me in Amsterdam this week: ‘One of the reasons the clinic was set up was to help the ‘forgotten ones’ who wish for euthanasia but get denied it.

‘This is a huge group: those with dementia, the elderly with no clear medical diagnosis and those with psychological problems.’

Soft-spoken and with the air of a doctor (despite his non-medical background), Pleiter says his clinic had 1,234 applications for help last year, a third of them from people with psychiatric problems.

Significantly, many of the mentally-ill patients had already been rejected for euthanasia by their own GPs. He explained: ‘If someone has cancer and the prognosis is poor, doctors will shorten their suffering by euthanasia.More.

Reality check: Mentally ill people demand all kinds of things. We didn’t used to kill them. Starting tomorrow, this can start happening in Canada. It doesn’t matter what the government says; once euthanasia starts, it follows a logic of its own. This is how Trudeau chooses to balance the budget?

Where were the Tories anyway?

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  • Great idea! Hitler pioneered gas Vans.

  • useless opinion

    Don’t be a baby!!!

    • Tom Forsythe

      Bring out your living!

  • Mobile clinics?

    O Dio…

  • Ed

    “…increasing numbers of Dutch people with mental illness demand euthanasia….”

    Out of the fog a solution appears for muslim immigration!

    • Rosenmops

      They are probably only allowed to euthanize non-Muslims.

  • john700

    No problem, I want their organs (except the brain)!

  • Rosenmops

    ‘This is a huge group: those with dementia, the elderly with no clear medical diagnosis and those with psychological problems.’

    Finally a solution for what to do with the aging baby boomers. This will free up resources for the elderly relatives of new immigrants who Trudope promised can come to Canada.

    • LauraS

      And this is precisely the group of people we were told would never face being put down by the government because they did not have the mental competence to make an informed decision about ending their lives.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I do not like baby boomers.
      The sooner they go the better.
      I’ve lived in their demographic shadow my entire life.

      • Rosenmops

        Hey…I’m a boomer.

        • Alain

          Same here (at least I think having been born in 1944 makes me one) and we are far from being all alike.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            I have a history of overcoming my prejudices.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Well, I know you didn’t vote for either Trudeau.

          • Rosenmops

            You got that right!

  • simus1

    The nazis “cleaned out” mental hospitals and chronic care facilities at the beginning of WW2 to “free up room” for the extended care of their wounded military personnel.
    They also frowned on German women doing war factory work – bad for the family especially if they had children.

    • useless opinion

      It originally started as the T-4 program in regards to mental hygiene. In Canada progressives like Tommy Douglas approved of sterilization of the retarded and incompetent, though no one likes to talk about him in that way today.