In case you missed it…

Blazingcatfur now has a Facebook page, and there’s a link on the right sidebar just under the PayPal kitty. It looks like we got in just in time to be banned by the new hate speech laws (or rather, diktats) that are about to be enacted by Zuckerburg and his political cronies. Whew! We have almost 100 followers already – thanks everyone!

Here’s the original announcement with battle plans and rules for prisoner exchange.

  • disqusW6sf

    Although I have Facebook account I rarely go to that place. It maybe more entertaining now that BCF is on it.

    • lolwut?

      Twitter and Facebook are handy for posting links to stories and videos
      on other Facebook pages like good ol Justin and the Liberal party’s pages.

      Just create a generic John Smith style account.

      I have one that says I work at the CBC in Toronto,

      The BLM Toronto goons put together a small mob of people to call the CBC to try get me fired. Good for the laughs.