Dilbert creator: Protests are helping Trump

From Christine Rousselle at Townhall:

While there isn’t polling data out on this just yet, he’s probably correct in his assessment. The protestors are effectively proving Trump’s point, and, by default, making him look pretty good. It simply isn’t good optics to show up to a protest and start throwing eggs and tomatoes at people, while brandishing a foreign flag–especially if the thing you’re protesting is well-known for anti-immigration rhetoric. All this does is make people angry and energized to support Trump–it hardly makes anyone sympathetic to the cause of the protestors. More.

Reality check: Rousselle may well be right. Except for one thing. When a civilization has tipped, people simply vote for the crowd most likely to win. That may be just whoever unleashes the most efficiently ruthless goon squad.

By the way, Scott Adams, Dilbert’s creator, has made a hobby of enraging asshats. See here for a possibly unexpected example (but not if you know the players).

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Dilbert the baby engineer: