CBC: Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims Claim Experts

Federal study disputes claim diaspora communities breed extremists

Canada’s immigrant communities are not breeding grounds for terrorists, as some would argue, but should be enlisted to reduce any violent radicalization in their midst, says a newly released report.

The research, ordered by the Harper government in 2014, appears to repudiate Conservative measures that alienated Muslim communities in the months before last year’s election.

The authors examined four diaspora communities in Canada — Afghan, Somali, Syrian and Tamil — and found them to be willing allies for rooting out extremism among their often young and isolated members.

But somehow the bulk of Canada’s security resources remain devoted to keeping our devout Muslims from harming us and the rest of the world.

As do the security resources of every western nation with a significant Muslim diaspora. France anyone?

Every day the news is the same, the latest Muslim atrocity, the latest terror arrests, the latest Muslim aggression against Jews or Infidels… etc etc etc.

These “experts” seem fixated on a wish-dream Islam of their own creation.

Some sort of westernized hybrid that incorporates their own secular liberal values.

Good luck with that.

It’s all a numbers game,  Canada’s future is unfolding in Europe today.