Along the U.S.-Canada border, an invisible but hardening wall rises

STANSTEAD, Quebec — For some folks living in a cluster of small towns straddling the U.S.-Canada border here, life could not feel more comfortably secure.

Six Canadian and U.S. checkpoints service the 2½ -mile stretch that cuts through the villages of Derby Line and Beebe Plain in Vermont and the town of Stanstead in Quebec. Street cameras, satellite and sensor surveillance, vehicle patrols and the occasional thumping helicopter overhead ensure that residents can’t budge without someone watching.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “His 18-year-old daughter, Vladimire, added that she had an American friend when she was small, but not anymore.
    “Americans are different,” she said. “I can’t really put my finger on why, but they are.””


    This is a good example of why the borders of countries between like-minded people of similar cultures need to be little more than a line painted on the sidewalk, but when you add hostile people of dissimilar cultures then there needs to be a wall.

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  • simus1

    The DemocRats seem to regard national security measures on their northern border as an excellent smokescreen for quite expensive patronage driven fun and games.

  • John

    Right up until the 1980s, border crossings in this part of Québec would just wave people through. Some of the smaller U.S. border stations were only open from 9 Am until 5. People just walked across after opening hours. I stopped going over to The States a couple of years back because the crossing has become grueling and very time consuming.

    Most Canadians present little danger, and yet we’re subjected to all sorts of restrictions whereas many Mexicans can just cross unheeded.