A job at UN HQ? Goodbye principles and philanthropy, hello power and privilege!

Working for the UN begins with idealism but can end in cynicism. For one former employee, it became all about maintaining the status quo

You have just received your first UN job. Congratulations! Granted, the whole recruitment process took 284 days, what with the written test your best friend could have taken in your place and the telephone interview your mother could have passed. And sure, nobody ever checked your references or titles, and you were asked – just when you had lost all hope – to deploy within a week. To the desert.

Still. Doped with the accumulation of indispensable but last-minute vaccinations your GP seriously advised against – yellow fever, cholera, tetanus and bad temper, to name but a few – and armed with the air ticket emailed to you barely two hours before departure time, you are ready to start the greatest adventure of your life.

  • k2

    This article made for rather unpleasant reading, mainly because I suspect that it presented an accurate depiction of the useless UN. But it could equally have been a description of pretty well any public bureaucracy – where the goal is the maintenance of the status quo and the concentration of privilege and power in the hands of a few. And where the resulting environment is one of stagnation, oppression and perhaps even fear.

    Whatever a particular government department or program is originally intended to be about is usually soon forgotten and then its primary purpose becomes self-maintenance and growth.

    • Absolutely so. Look no further than our own Public Service, they are the new predator class expecting the rest of us to fund their entitlements.

  • canminuteman

    My great uncle graduated as a civil engineer just as ww2 started. He joined the Royal Engineers and before long was parachuting into the jungle behind enemy lines in Burma to build airfields to supply the Chindits
    After the war he worked for the UN building hydro and highway projects in Afghanistan. He’s been dead for twenty odd years now. It’s probably best he didn’t have to see what became of his lifes work.

    • mauser 98

      a close friends father was in the Chindits
      said Japanese would attack them naked ,no weapons… force them to use up ammo..they were all Kamikaze
      said he feared his sergeant more than the Japanese as he always threatened to kill him .
      sergeant hated him because he was about 5’4″.. too small
      he may have been in the TV show World at War from years back.. showed his company
      otherwise never spoke of those times

  • Cat-astrophe

    Nice read. They are more than corrupt enough to replace “most” national governments in George H.W. Bush’s NWO speech of 1990.

    Imagine the wonderful world we live in…
    Imagine there’s no heaven
    Imagine there’s no countries
    Imagine no possessions
    BUT realize this, The Party at UN headquarters, top two floors, is Non Stop.

  • Everyone Else

    I knew a guy who was a tour guide at the UN in NY. He was making about $80 thousand/year. No particular qualifications.