Why the Conservatives should never govern again

As the euthanasia vote looms Monday.

From Life News:

A new batch of evidence from the Congressional panel investigating Planned Parenthood reveals some disturbing exchanges between the buyers and sellers of aborted baby body parts.

Some of the email exchanges are gruesome in nature. In one correspondence, an individual asks, “How is the pancreas forecast today – any possible procurements?”More.

Reality check: Those are yesterday’s fetuses.  Today’s fetuses are born and the forecast will be better when humans euthananized while young can also be used as donors:

Euthanasia by lethal injection has already been coupled with organ donation in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 2008, several articles have been published in respectable medical journals lauding this forming symbiosis. A 2011 article published by Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology was particularly chilling in its detached clinical description of the euthanasia killings of four patients in preparation for organ procurement:

Donors were admitted to the hospital a few hours before the planned euthanasia procedure. A central venous line was placed in a room adjacent to the operating room. Donors were heparinized [a drug to maintain organ viability] immediately before a cocktail of drugs was given by the treating physician who agreed to perform the euthanasia. The patient was announced dead on cardiorespiratory criteria by 3 independent physicians as required by Belgian legislation for every organ donor. . . . The deceased was then rapidly transferred, installed on the operating table, and intubated [in preparation for organ removal] . . .

Ponder the enormity of what was done here. Four people—who were not otherwise dying—were killed and then swiftly wheeled into a surgery suite to have their organs removed. Three of the donors were struggling with neuromuscular disabilities—people who often face social isolation and discrimination—and one was mentally ill. In a particularly bitter irony, the latter patient was a chronic self-harmer, the “treatment” for which was a willing professional team ready to administer the ultimate harm.

By the way, where was the Conservative Party of Canada while the euthanasia culture was developing here? All the information has been available for years.

Recently, they lowered themselves to the depth of asking me for $50 to fight this.

For the Liberals, all this will eventually make sense. They were the party of abortion.

What doesn’t make sense is the silence/fecklessness/uselessness of the Conservatives.

My sense is, the Conservatives should never govern again.

Something will replace the progressives (Liberals), but it will not be them. And it should not be them either.

There are moral failures that one should not even wish to come back from.

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  • We have a shiny new conservative party now!

    • Alain

      Very true, but I also recall how Harper would not allow a private member’s bill to be debated and voted on, because the bill was an attempt to adapt the definition of human life with modern medical science. Clearly Harper feared (yes I call that chicken shit and not incrementalism) it could lead to having to address the fact that Canada is the only country in the West without any kind of legislation regulating abortion on demand and funded by the state, really the tax payers.

      • Does anyone doubt that these are human beings? It’s one thing for the Liberals to support it.

  • Pavelina

    Do doctors still take the Hippocratic oath? “First, do no harm…..”

  • truepeers

    This organ harvesting is cold-blooded murder, of course, but if the Trudeau thug wanted to take the lead and “euthanize” himself, well i’d have a tough time opening my mouth. That’s how evil works…

    • H

      Thinking about that well-known Nietzsche quote, perhaps? “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

      • truepeers

        I am sympathetic to Tom Bertonneau’s rendering of the abyss, here: http://gatesofvienna.net/2016/04/rene-girard-on-the-ontological-sickness/

        My undestanding is Biblical. We are all God’s children and murder is a great sin. Evil is to kill in (a) god’s name, as if that were to save – situation. Allahu akbar! My child needs a liver… And you can see by Trudeau’s nihilism that he doesn’t really want his…