When the China Shop Needs a Bull

The Republican establishment dismissed Donald Trump as a joke, then reacted to initial victories with confident predictions his salad days would wilt and fade. What didn’t resonate in Washington’s hermetically sealed echo chamber was disgust, not with the tycoon but with the elites

The sentiment is familiar: ‘I hope the Republican Party nominates Donald Trump because it will be a bloodbath for them’, or words to that effect, is a social-media staple among non-Republicans. The seductive notion is that Trump is so unpalatable he will lose November’s presidential election in a landslide to Hillary Clinton. Therefore, or so the logic goes, Republicans would do better with someone less divisive. As a prevailing meme it serves not only as a reminder of the folly in taking advice from political enemies, but also of the punditocracy’s abysmal record of what are, quite frankly, delusional prognostications.

  • Gary

    Hillary has now resorted to lies about Trump but if you listened to her recent attack it actually sounded like she was describing Obama who is lawless and ruining the USA with his Marxism along with the BLM terrorists inciting race Wars .

    • It was such a pile of shit, Hillary is a congenital liar.

  • G

    You’re right the china shop does need a bull(dozer). But I think no matter how big the shake up is, it’s probably too late. The rolling snowball of Western decline has grown too large to stop. Just get out of the way & hope it rolls over some comfortable, smug jerks who deserve it.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Whether true or not, Trump’s optimism is as infectious as Reagan’s “morning in America” and is part of his appeal. No other candidate has conveyed that.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        And it is fun as hell to watch.

  • I think all the prognosticators will be wrong, as they have been so far, and Trump will win in a landslide this November. Let’s face it, half the left doesn’t like Hildabeast yet the wizards of smart tell us she’ll beat Trump. Yeah right. He beat 17 R candidates. He’ll eviscerate Hillary in a one on one.

    • Shebel

      Bernie is the one to watch.

      • Could be. The hurdle Bernie has is convincing the 400+ Superdelegates to switch. This is of course after these delegates need to return the bribes and promises received from the Clintons then to be replaced by bribes and promises from Bernie.

        Hillary should have been indicted already but won’t be until after the convention because the Uniparty doesn’t want commie Bernie.

        The results from this Tuesday will be telling. Meanwhile Bernie supporters are amassing a small army to descend on Philadelphia.

        One thing for sure is a lot of dims don’t like Hillary.which shouldn’t be a surprise considering she was rejected in 2008 in favor of a skinny no name lawyer from Kenya.

        • G

          The Kenyan lawyer is black. Therefore, you know, being black he must be given things. He wanted to be president so it was given to him (twice).
          In the U.S. You give black people things, government jobs, awards, free college education through infinite scholarships.
          In canada we do the same, except with Indians. Being an Indian means you don’t have to work or pay for anything.

  • Shebel

    If nothing else Trump has demonstrated to People, in general , that there still is Hope.

    Sorry Justin— it is over your head.