When Heroes Are Villains

We have reached peak topsy-turvy. Whatever is up is down, whatever is good is bad, and whatever you should be proud of should bring shame. Heroes are villains in this day and age and shooting an ape that’s about to kill a child needs an explanation. If you rescue your wife from being raped, you will be arrested. If you set aside a day to memorialize the fallen soldiers who fought for our freedom, we’re going to use it to make you feel guilty about slavery.

h/t FF

  • Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

    It began with moral and cultural relativism.

    We are so deep in the moral cesspool that one cannot see an escape.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As Cole Porter wrote in 1934,
    “The world has gone mad today
    And good’s bad today
    And black’s white today
    And day’s night today
    When the guys today
    That women prize today
    Are just silly gigolos.
    So though I’m not a great romancer
    I know that you’re bound to answer
    When I propose,
    Anything goes.”

  • Michael Teper

    This guy didn’t “rescue” anyone. He administered street justice to the rapist after the fact. That’s murder, plain and simple. No moral relativism here.

  • John

    Read it at FFF. Great article and absolutely bull’s eye correct.