Toronto 18 leader still enjoying ‘the notoriety’: parole board

The leader of the Toronto 18 terrorist group still appears to “enjoy the notoriety” and has made “insufficient change” to warrant release from prison, the Parole Board of Canada has ruled.

In a seven-page decision, the board ruled that while Fahim Ahmad had recently “entered a process of change,” he still did not appreciate the gravity of his crimes. He also appeared to relish the opportunity to speak at conferences.

“It appeared you were more concerned about the impacts of your criminal behaviour on you and your family than on the community and country writ large,” the decision stated.

“You believe people will seek you out as a member of the Toronto 18. You expect to be offered opportunities to speak at conferences,” the decision stated.

He’s right, Justin will probably appoint him to Cabinet and the media will line up to perform Blowjobs.