Street gang ‘eradicated’ in raids, Toronto police chief says

Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders says his force has “eradicated” a street gang called Heart of a King with links to Montreal and Nova Scotia following a series of raids Thursday.

“We kicked in 43 doors,” Saunders told a news conference at police headquarters on Friday morning.

Fifty-three people have been arrested and more arrests are anticipated in what police call Project Sizzle, Saunders said.

“This investigation had many tentacles to it,” Saunders said. “When we work together, we have amazing conclusions like we have today.”

OK. Job well done.

Until next time.

And the times, many times after that.

This isn’t a problem that’s going to get better.

It won’t go away because of stricter gun laws, or community outreach or stricter sentences, it just is.

The new normal.

We are reaping the rewards of a permanent underclass created through bad immigration policy and generational welfare courtesy of the Liberal-Left.

  • Justin St.Denis

    My personal trainer is located in Toronto’s west end. He told me he was sunning himself in his yard last weekend, relaxing, and the thought crossed his mind that the day would be perfect if he could not taste the air. Then, he said, I began to feel guilty about my two sons. Why shouldn’t they have fresh air?

    He’s 51. I am fairly certain the process of beginning to hate his hometown is well underway. I predict he will be moving his family further north within five years.

    • Toronto is segregating, the poor ring what used to be the boundaries of the old city of Toronto which remains comparatively white and affluent relative to the old boroughs. It’s why the “downtowners” want de-amalgamation. They don’t fear another Rob Ford, they fear our own version of Al Sharpton.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I can actually see what you are referring to whenever I am there, which is twice a week. My wife is particularly astute at pointing out the new refining characteristics which are becoming a Toronto signature. She is oarticukarly amazed at the wholesale importation of American-style racial resentments which Canada historically had no role in. Oddly, “Toronto Canadians” seem quite willing to bear the burden of guilt for things that Canada never had anything to do with.

        Which brings me to why I left. I learned to hate Toronto as Torontonians surrendered their city to the whims of crazy lefitsi municipal political arseholes. Toronto castrated itself and now hugely sucks the big weenie. Bringing in hordes of fags once a year, and disruptive Caribbean “festivals” hardly make for a “tourism draw”. Toronto is as “done” as they come. Just wait til the wars start up big-time.

  • canminuteman

    I bet more basketball courts would solve the problem.

    • Gary

      David Miller was the typical upper class White man and closet-racist when came up with his great plan to distract dem negro yutes from making $2000.00 a week , for just delivering drugs , by tossing basket balls at them as if they are simpletons with a short attention span.

      We imported sloth and a gang culture while Liberals poured money into the Welfare Industrial Complex to help keep Blacks out of their White neighbourhoods .
      Saunder’s was another stroke of genius to parachute a Black Officer into the position of the Police Chief to keep the malcontent’s happy and avoid another Yonge street riot by fatherless carribean yutes from Welfare Housing .

      • Justin St.Denis

        This is just the first episode of the Metro Police/MSM co-production secretly entitled REAL TORONTO POLICE THEATER, in which the men in blue vanquish all manner of evildoers. Meanwhile, Toronto is burning……

    • Well that may work.

  • marty_p

    Crickets chirping on the subject from Desmond Cole (the self appointed media spokesman for BLM) at the Toronto Star.

  • k1

    Well let me tell you…
    many of the ….GANG LADS….
    have GOOD, WELL PAYING, LEGITIMATE JOBS and they do illegal on the side!
    There are a lot who are not hurting for money at all

    The Black youths are troublesome because…
    they are…
    hormonal youth
    with guns and
    you can’t have them running around taking pot shots at their buddies and
    missing and
    hitting the general public

    They get a lot of the attention because they do this..and so they should

    Very hard to tell WHO a baddie is…