Street gang ‘eradicated’ in raids, Toronto police chief says

Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders says his force has “eradicated” a street gang called Heart of a King with links to Montreal and Nova Scotia following a series of raids Thursday.

“We kicked in 43 doors,” Saunders told a news conference at police headquarters on Friday morning.

Fifty-three people have been arrested and more arrests are anticipated in what police call Project Sizzle, Saunders said.

“This investigation had many tentacles to it,” Saunders said. “When we work together, we have amazing conclusions like we have today.”

OK. Job well done.

Until next time.

And the times, many times after that.

This isn’t a problem that’s going to get better.

It won’t go away because of stricter gun laws, or community outreach or stricter sentences, it just is.

The new normal.

We are reaping the rewards of a permanent underclass created through bad immigration policy and generational welfare courtesy of the Liberal-Left.