‘Police’ in Arabic on Ontario Police Car

From the comments: ‘Functioning illiterate inbred imbeciles like you tend to congregate much further south, where family reunions are also dating opportunities.’

This is why people hate Canadians. h/t DMB

EDIT: I think this story is actually a few years old. I remember seeing it somewhere.

  • Clausewitz

    How many ways do we have to be sold out before the revolution begins??

    • Exile1981

      Do you want an answer?

      • Clausewitz

        Yeah, that way I’ll know when to show up at the town square with the tar and feathers.

        • Remember when Canada had troops dying in Afghanistan? I remember how Left political types in various Municipalities made loud vocal objections when Police, Fire, Ambulance, etc. placed yellow ribbon decals on their vehicles out of solidarity with our troops. I think in some places the Left succeeded in getting the decals removed.

          Here were are a few years down the road and the decals have been replaced with a special salute to the Arabic culture responsible for the savagery.

          • DVult

            These leftie swine need to be told where to go at every opportunity. If they demand something not be done it should be done twice as often. If they demand a small decal be removed then two even larger decals should be applied. If they demand respect then they should be given a boot in the arse.

          • Will Quest

            Conservatives need to stop apologizing for their conservative values immediately…… tell the lefties to hit the road in no uncertain terms …

          • john700

            Like Trump supporters did in San Jose?
            As long as we are not united and ready to punch back (not metaphorically, on the internet), the leftist mob wins.

          • Clausewitz


          • mauser 98

            yes..had forgotten about that

          • Clink9

            We know which side they have chosen.

        • Exile1981


    • Mich


      • Clausewitz

        Not 42?

  • Denis

    a little white spray paint will fix this scratch!

  • marty_p

    TCHC provide services in Arabic for the followers of the pedo prophet:

  • Justin St.Denis

    Since the overwhelming majority of ME muslims are incapable of reading anything in “Arabic” or, indeed, in their own first languages, the use of the Arabic “police” on police cars is an indication that the people in the cars are really just weaponized social workers. Toronto cops – a ridiculous oxymoron for those “in the know” – are actually weaponized SJWs.

    I am assuming this is happening in a build-up to outright revolution or complete state mind-control. Arm yourselves.

  • DMB

    Arabic is the 10th most spoken language in Canada after English, French. You don’t need to be able to read in English to recognize the markings of a police vehicle. There is small Muslim community in London, Ontario but what place in Canada doesn’t have ethnic communities these days. This is about one thing only and that is the appeasement of Muslims to show how tolerant and progressive Liberals are. The only good news about this story is the London police have received a lot of negative feedback from outraged people over this.