Marine Le Pen surges in polls and is now twice as popular as France’s President Hollande

Far right French nationalist politician Marine Le Pen has stormed ahead of President Hollande in latest figures revealed by a poll measuring voting intentions ahead of next year’s presidential elections.

Front National leader Le Pen was shown to have double the support of the President, whose favourability ratings have been steadily dropping in recent months.

While 28 per cent of voters surveyed said they would vote for Le Pen, only 14 per cent gave their first vote to Holland, and former president Nicolas Sarkozy who is expected to be the Republican candidate received 21 per cent.

  • Ego

    Mail Online writes under her photo: “divisive National Front leader Marine Le Pen.”
    With twice the popularity of the current prime minister, what exactly is ‘divisive’ about a politician who clearly unifies?

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    I think that is because of the failed austerity agenda and that could allow Front Gauche to grow as a new movement on the left.

    The parti Socialiste is becoming too neoliberal and they have shown that by their so-called reforms which will do nothing to bring down France’s debt which is making the EU look bad. Pretty much only Germany at this point is the only nation doing well in the EU.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      They have shown themselves to be Blairites and Brownites. They need to go full socialist or nationalist to rid the IMF from France.

    • john700

      The only real chance for Marine Le Pen is to have Hollande on the second ballot.

      • Solo712

        Ain’t gonna happen, john700. The idiocy is too deeply vowen into the system and it will defend itself against sanity. She is going to face Sarkozy (or some such boll weevil) in the second round and will be blown out.

  • dance…dancetotheradio
  • Solo712

    Marine is “far out”, not “far right”!