Fire Katie Couric? But why?

From some American pro-gun group:

Spread the Word: Fire Katie Couric

By now you’ve probably heard: Yahoo’s Katie Couric, who produced and narrated an anti-gun documentary, “Under the Gun,” deceptively edited footage to embarrasses gun-rights supporters and misrepresent their message. By inserting an 8-second pause and taking out pro-gun arguments, Couric deliberately – and there’s no other way to put this – tried to make gun owners look dumb. More.

Reality check: Guys, if you think that the solution is to holler for Couric’s firing, you are dumb. There is no polite way to put that, so I didn’t try.

Leave her in place at Yahoo and shower her with honours! Always allow people to know that she is an excellent producer of fictional narratives in support of the causes she espouses. And that, if they want facts about you, they should come to you.

Digital media like Yahoo can be legacy media, just like the New York Times, insofar as they see themselves as gatekeepers of news, which they feel free to shape to fit the narratives needed by policymakers of progressive governments.

Use this as an opportunity to reinforce the need for independent new media, in the face of government crackdown attempts.

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