Ferguson effect harms African Americans

From Michael Barone at Townhall:

University of Missouri at St. Louis criminologist Richard Rosenfeld has had “second thoughts.” Like many academic criminologists, he had pooh-poohed charges that skyrocketing murder rates in many cities in 2015 and 2016 result from a “Ferguson effect” — a skittering back from proactive policing for fear of accusations of racism like those that followed the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in August 2014.

Now, after looking over 2015 data from 56 large cities, he tells The Guardian that he has changed his mind. Homicides in those cities were up 17 percent from 2014. And 10 cities, all with large black populations, saw homicides up 33 percent on average.

“These aren’t flukes or blips, this is a real increase,” Rosenfeld told reporter Lois Beckett. “The only explanation that gets the timing right is a version of the Ferguson effect.” More.

Reality check: If so, no real surprise. Other things being equal, law enforcement will benefit the non-criminal over the criminal. So reduced law enforcement in mainly minority neighbourhoods = advantage, criminal. Do the math.

But really, people need to decide for themselves whether it is more important to be safe or to be politically correct.

Hint: Personal safety always pays. Progressive correctness, maybe not.

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  • Liberals always promise things will get better, but it never does.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Blacks don’t care (most blacks anyway) if the Ferguson effect drives up murder and lawlessness in the black community. If they cared about such things they would have been working to combat them in their community rather than spending the last 45-50 years celebrating them.
    No, the black community is just fine with the extra bump in murders because it means that they got one over on whitey.
    The shocking part about all of this isn’t that “Black Lives Matters” is a fraud, but the realization of just how LITTLE black lives matter at all, especially to other blacks.

    • Daviddowntown

      I watched an episode of the First 48 where the cops were questioning the mother of a black shooting victim and she actually told the police that she didn’t want to “snitch” on the perps who killed her son.

      I continue to be amazed that that program continues to air when it shows for all to see the failed cities and the failed black families who populate those cities. 95% of the killings are black on black.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Unfortunately, everything you wrote is true.

  • G

    I no longer care what harms or does not harm african americans. They are like Canadian Indians. They have whined and had freebies given to them for so long that I’m no longer interested in listening to their bitching and screams of “racism”.

    You live in a slum? Not my problem. Clean it up yourself

    Buy groceries with food stamps? Not my problem. Get off your ass & find a job.

    Too many blacks in jail? Not my problem. Quit breaking the law.

    No blacks in higher paying jobs? Not my problem. Stay in school & study and take advantage of thousands of BLACKS ONLY scholarships, bursaries and loans out there instead of dropping out and committing crimes.

    Too many black single mothers? Not my problem. Close your legs skank.

  • useless opinion

    Imagine the if the black community opened its’ collective minds and realized this truth: That fat Al and jesse Jackson have lied to them for 40 years or, that the common thoughts they accept as permanent truths are lies.
    What would they do next? I see only two choices, commit suicide for being so stupid, or go and remove fat al and jesse from this plane of existence.
    Not to be outdone, since Toronto wont card black criminals or their confederates anymore, we are almost on a record breaking run for black murder victims since the summer of the gun. Good news though, 99% of the victims had it coming to them. The karma bus might arrive late, but it always arrives, succah!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Who cares? As long as they’re not burning down the town because a white cop did something, it’s all fine.

  • DMB

    In Hamilton their is a city councillor by the name of Mathew Green who is half black. Recently he had made a claim that the local police had carded him because of his skin colour. Now he is playing the victim card for political gain and has managed to get the practice banned. Problem is the police did not do anything wrong since he was standing under a bridge shivering cold waiting for his bus ride home. The police saw what looked like a man in distress and asked him him if was OK. They did not ask for his I.d., use racial profanity against him or accused him of being a suspect in a crime. Because of this police won’t go to areas with high crime I.e. outside of nightclubs and engage with the public out of fear of carding. Get ready to see murder rates & other criminal activity increase. I have NO sympathy for black homicides anymore since they did this to themselves.