Donald Trump shudders Dan Rather’s spine

From Mashable:

Dan Rather on Trump’s media bashing: ‘I felt a shudder down my spine’

Rather is referencing Tuesday’s press conference in which Trump called out the political media and hurled insults at particular reporters, calling an ABC journalist a “sleaze” and a CNN journalist “a real beauty.” More.

Reality check: But … Dan Rather of Rathergate? The dox hoax that first alerted millions of people to what was wrong with legacy media?

How could anyone regard him as authritative now? Oh, wait…

Hollywood, of course, produced an exoneration movie. But that is part of what is wrong with Hollywood, story for another day.

See also: The “Truth” film about Rathergate bombed at box office, but so? “Narrative” is all that matters.

  • That has an air of Truthiness to it.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Pushback, pushback, pushback.
    Expose, expose, expose.

    It is toxic to their very existence.
    Just ask Dan Rather and Mary Mapes.

  • robins111

    I kinda think that the media mavens as a whole, are shuddering like a freezing dog with palsy,

    Trumpster, love him or hate him is well on his way of picking the scab off the festering boil that media has become..