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Anti-Trump,_freedom-hating_protesters_attack_Trump-supporters_in_California._San_Jose_Mayor_BLAMES_Trump!_-_The_Rebel_-_2016-06-03_19.01.00Hillary Blames Trump for Rally Violence

San Jose Mayor blames Trump!

ABC on Violence by Anti-Trump Protesters: ‘These Were Pure Attacks’

Donald Trump Responds To Yesterday’s Violence At San Jose Rally

This Isn’t Trump’s America. It Is Barack Obama’s.

bundy_2Austria: Middle School Teacher Facing Criminal Charges for Calling Mohammed a “Child Molester”

VOL reports that the Bregenz teacher described Mohammed, the founder of Islam, as a child molester to her students. After school officials heard this, they forwarded an official complaint to the Vorarlberg prosecutors office.

Sadly, this Austrian teacher is the latest among those already being prosecuted for speaking the truth about Islam. PEGIDA founder Lutz Bachmann is one; Tommy Robinson who founded the English Defense League, is another. They are more well-known, but there are many more less well known Europeans speaking out, and instead are being punished for wanting to protect themselves and their families and neighbors.

muslim prayersWoman Leading Friday Prayers In Switzerland Mosque Sparks Uproar On Social Media

The news of a Friday service led by a woman and accompanied by music caused a furor on social media. Many responders harshly criticized Manea and the others who participated in the service, accusing them of heresy and showering them with curses and invective. In response to these attacks, Manea posted an article on the Al-Hiwar website and on her Facebook page in which she repeated what she had said in the Friday sermon and stressed that all she and the other participants had done was pray to Allah.

churchill free speechEuropean Union Declares War on Internet Free Speech

The European Union (EU), in partnership with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft, has unveiled a “code of conduct” to combat the spread of “illegal hate speech” online in Europe.

Proponents of the initiative argue that in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, a crackdown on “hate speech” is necessary to counter jihadist propaganda online.

protesters attackHow The American Left Made Political Violence The New Normal

On Thursday night, leftist protesters at a Donald Trump rally in San Jose, California, chased down Donald Trump supporters and beat them bloody, spit in their faces, pelted a female Trump supporter with eggs, hurled rocks at police horses, and broke down metal barriers – all while burning American flags and screaming slogans like “America Was Never Great!” and “Make America Mexico Again!”

The Islamization of Our Schools

dhs relocates illegal immigrantsDHS Quietly Moving, Releasing Vanloads of Illegal Aliens Away from Border

Outraged Border Patrol agents and supervisors on the front lines say illegal immigrants are being released in droves because there’s no room to keep them in detention. “They’re telling us to put them on a bus and let them go,” said one law enforcement official in Arizona. “Just move those bodies across the country.”

firetrack-flagRhode Island City Official Calls Firefighters ‘Terrorists’ For Putting American Flag On Truck

This is the left. They respond to an American flag the way decent, rational human beings respond to an ISIS flag. They are both mentally and morally ill.

Now only did this city official makes these seditious comments, but his twin sons of Central Coventry Fire District Chairman are speaking out in favor of removing the American flag. Of course these “terrorists” would be the first to save these trolls in the event of a jihad attack.

BathroomUNC refusing to enforce state law on transgender bathrooms

According to The Associated Press, UNC system President Margaret Spellings vowed in an affidavit that the university would not enforce North Carolina’s controversial bathroom law that restricts transgender students from using gendered bathrooms that do not correspond to their gender at birth, which she filed Friday as part of a motion in federal court to pause a civil case against the university.

sweden graduation violence25 arrested after chaos during graduation celebrations

However, what Swedish mainstream media refuse to write, is who’s behind the unrest. But both pictures and videos by witnesses to the chaos in Gothenburg show that immigrant youths are those behind it, and are lying on the ground after being arrested.