Conservative writers frustrate me – on school choice

From Star Parker at TownHall:

The bottom line: When parents have choice where to send their child to school, their children perform better in reading and math tests.> More.

Reality check: Of course school choice works better. It works better for the same reasons as car and dentist choice work better. But that’s not the point, dammit!

The point is to support an ever-growing mob of union teachercrats, irrespective of outcome. It’s unclear how many graduates of today’s tax-funded compulsory school systems will be needed in the workplace anyway. They are needed right now (!) to produce a salary for the union teachercrats up and down the line. The more they fail, the more money will be shovelled at them.

That’s how the system works.

Homeschooling and school choice are a problem precisely because they produce better academic results.

Could people like Star Parker quit acting like this is all new or a big surprise?

Will the day ever come when we can start talking about these things honestly without the pious pretense that it has anything whatever to do with academic results?

Probably not, because there is money to be made off the illusion on both sides.

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