A Weekend in Chicago

Three days, 64 people shot, six of them dead: Memorial Day on the streets, and the violence that has engulfed families and neighborhoods.

“…There is no stopping the gunfire, which comes in bursts and waves, interrupting holiday barbecues, igniting gang rivalries, engulfing neighborhoods, blocks, families.

From Friday evening to the end of Monday, 64 people will have been shot in this city of 2.7 million, six of them fatally. In a population made up of nearly equal numbers of whites, blacks and Hispanics, 52 of the shooting victims are black, 11 Hispanic and one white. Eight are women, the rest men. Some 12 people are shot in cars, 11 along city sidewalks, and at least four on home porches.”

  • useless opinion

    Another city that could apply to the tv show “The First 48”.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I’m not seeing a problem here. Police should do even less not more.

  • Gary

    I’ll go out on a limb and guess that the Toronto BLM terrorists and Wynne didn’t board a Greyhound bus for Chicago to protest the Democrats running the State and City for the 500+ homicides a year in that City as the new norm .

    If only it was a Muslm City .