Utah: High school biology test promotes abortion

From Salt Lake City Tribune:

The test question was presented to students in a multiple-choice format, asking which of four scenarios best describes how the pregnant woman and her family should decide to either abort the pregnancy or carry it to term.

The potential answers include: waiting and redoing the genetic testing closer to the baby’s due date; trusting the scientific knowledge of the doctor and going forward with an abortion; prioritizing the wishes of the mother; and considering aspects like religious beliefs, financial burden and the effect on other family members before making “the best decision for everyone.”

Oak Norton, an education activist affiliated with Utahns Against Common Core, said the question potentially violates Utah law by testing students’ moral, political and religious views.

He also said it’s telling that students didn’t have the option of selecting an answer that respects the life of the unborn child. More.

Reality check: Respects? Life? Unborn child? Welcome to Obama and Trudeau country. In Canada we will all soon be “the fetus.” Don’t look now but the test question may revolve around a mentally ill senior somewhere down the road.

The US Supreme Court can easily make that happen in the US, as ours did in Canada.

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