Turkey Attacks Germany Over Armenian Genocide

At least Germany acknowledged its past crimes, Turkey:

Germany’s parliament voted on Thursday to recognize the 1915 massacre of 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman forces as genocide, to the undisguised fury of the Turkish government, which recalled its ambassador in protest. …

In particularly inflammatory remarks, the justice minister Bekir Bozdag accused Germany of hypocrisy. “First you burn the Jews in ovens and then you come and accuse the Turkish people of genocide,” he said. “Look back first at your own history … in our history, there is nothing that we can be ashamed of.” German MPs had defied earlier Turkish threats, voting to recognise the genocide by what Norbert Lammert, the speaker of the Bundestag, described as a “remarkable majority.” Only one MP voted against the resolution and only one of those present in the house abstained.

Angela Merkel chose to stay away to avoid provoking further tension with Turkey, pleading other engagements.


  • ismiselemeas

    Hang on, I thought the Holocaust was a Zionist conspiracy theory?

    • So I’ve heard… from Iran and various American university leftists.

  • B__2

    Turkey holds the threat of inundating Europe with ‘refugees’ should Germany get too uppity. Currently it is being paid huge sums of EU-taxpayers’ money to not bus almost 2 million refugees to the Greek border and make them an EU problem. Expect to see Turkey raise the price for keeping the Syrian (and other) refugees within Turkey as a result of this action.